Event: Protection of Pet Animals
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About CVA

It was on September 2006, that the majority of Cyprus Animal Welfare societies have taken concerted action and formed a union under the name of Cyprus Voice for Animals (CVA).

CVA Mission Statement:
To advocate for animals through legislation and education

CVA Vision:
To change the present animal welfare status in Cyprus and make it a better place for animals

Our reasons for founding Cyprus Voice for Animals are:
- Absence of a strong animal welfare lobby.
- Animal Welfare Laws are NOT IMPEMENTED
- Widespread ignorance of proper animal care.
- Increased neglect and cruelty to animals.

Aims of Cyprus Voice for Animals:
- Bring together the voices of all local Animal Protection Societies.
- Create awareness in government and all relevant circles, that animal welfare movement is united.
- Lobby with the Competent Authorities for Implementation and Law Enforcement of existing laws and regulations.
- Work towards solving longstanding animal welfare issues.
- Work towards new/improved legislation, regulations and standards for the protection of all animals.
- Provide Information on animal matters.
- Increase public awareness and support using the media
- Promote good animal welfare through education programmes wherever needed.
- Provide a professional united front